The REAL Reason why Billie Eilish, Mick Jagger, Eminem, have sold over 100M albums…

…it might not be what you think!


Colors of your Voice is the most Innovative vocal coaching program of the decade. Typically, such a massive program, which took more than 2 years in the making retails for 599$ and up. But you can grab it today at 67% off the sticker price!  Won’t last though, this is just a juicy First Edition offer prior to ad campaign! 


This Step by Step 
Vocal coaching program
will reveal to you
How to : 

✅   Unlock a voice that commands attention and…

✅   Stand out as a singer. 

✅   Tap into the Greatness of Grammy Award Winning Artists and…

✅   Decipher their Secrets.

✅   Master the 24 Proven Colors˚ of the Voice that turn bored listeners into raving fans!  

✅   Find your authentic uniqueness in the True Colors˚ of your voice.

✅   Gain a totally fresh and new perspective on the art of singing.

✅   Dare to be YOU and find your True Voice˚

With joining this program now, you get:

✅  67% off the sticker price of 599$  (That is only 196$)
✅  a FREE WORKSHOP with the authors,
✅  a beefy introduction to our methodology to get you started,  
✅  direct access to the coaches by mail, if you have any questions or comments,
✅  …and a whole lotta love from Claude & Jaime, the authors! ❤️

This program is fully published. New content is added every single month.  


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Here is an overview of this innovative program

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more detailed description

24 Grammy Award winning Colors˚ of the Voice

  • That’s 24 main sections with everything you need to LEARN about each Color˚.
  • You are never more than 2 clicks away in this program to LISTEN to famous singers who rocked these Colors˚
  • Once you understand these Colors˚ and build solid reference for them…. Now, it’s time to PLAY and explore all the shades and hues. 

Your Personal Cheat Sheet  to famous voices

  • The Singers Coloring Book is featuring 250+ famous singers displaying their unique Color Palette˚.  
  • 1000+ songs, never more than 2 clicks away for you to listen! 
  • Never will you see such an extensive collection of in-depth analysis of singer’s voices, using the surgically precise language of the 24 proven Colors˚.
  • While the Singers Coloring Book will be a Godsend for imitators, the deeper purpose is learning to instantly “see” how the different Colors˚ form a memorable voice. This is the best tool ever to decode any voice!    
  • This is your handbook for exploring the voices of hundreds of singers and how those Colors˚ touch people.  

A Journey To Discover Your True Voice˚

  • If most singers haven’t found their True Voice˚ yet, it’s because they have been looking in the wrong place; imitating other singers. Yes, we all learn by imitation. That’s good.  But at some point there is a calling to go beyond that. Be You!  
  • Stop looking outside, your True Voice˚ is within you and always was.  
  • Playing with Colors˚ and exploring with your own voice is the key to revealing the uniqueness of your True Voice˚.
  • This is the deeper journey of Colors of your Voice.  And it’s a joyful one!  

Curious about these Colors˚?

…here are a few!

Learn to surf the sensual waves

of Vibrato˚, Tremolo˚, and Volumeº…

From the free-floating, charming waves of Frank Sinatra to the pulsating inflections of Tracy Chapman

From the bullet-like Tremolo˚of Vince Gill, to the erratic Vibrato˚and huge Volume˚ variation of Jeff Buckley, to the tasteful Italian Vibratoº of Gaga.

Learn, listen and play with those Colorsº and find in them your True Voiceº.

Put your voice up front and “in your face”

with Pharyngealº and Nasalº…

From the banshee wails of Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) to the R&B funky tone of Justin Timberlake or Lionel Ritchie (The Commodores) learn the phenomenal power of Pharyngealº…

From the soothing Nasalº tone of Willie Nelson to the cutting bite of Miley Cyrus, explore the surprising diversity and subtlety of Nasalº!

Learn, Listen and Play with all the shades and hues on your own Paletteº of Colorsº.

Pimp your voice with a tad of weird

with Twisted Vowelsº, Flipº, and Pitchº…

From the joyful and charming Flipsº of LeAnn Rimes to the abrupt and robotic breaks of Delores O’Riordan….

From the hypnotic and laid-back Pitchº variations of Billie Eilish to the sonic tension of Layne Staley

From Selena Gomez’ creative ability to Twist Vowelsº to Green Day borrowing a British accent…

Learn, Listen and Play with strange and silly inflections that will make you pop!

Tap into the drama of your sheer Operatic Power

with Full Voiceº and Resonance EQº

From the richly dripping tone of Steve Perry to the bellowing and soothing sound of Josh Groban…

From the vibrant, elegant, pinging sound of Pavarotti to the electric buzz of Pink

Learn, Listen and Play with the freedom of Full Voiceº and the harmonics of Resonance EQº

Explore the rich waterfalls, elegant complexities, and mesmerizing rhythms

with Runsº, ADSRº and Pocket˚

From the funkiness of Bruno Mars to the tight Pocketº of James Brown

From the simple Runs° of Hank Williams Jr. to the vocal acrobatics of Christina Aguilera 

From the ghostly, floating lyrics of Amy Lee to the uber-cool complexity of Billie Eilish

Learn, Listen and Play with Runsº, ADSRº, and Pocketº

Get Up, Close and Personal with the most honest and intimate Colors of your Voice

with Breath˚, Exclamation˚, Larynx EQ˚, and Talk˚

From the intimate, hollowed sound of Chris Isaak and Sarah McLachlan to the gentle exclamations of David Bowie

From the smoky layering of John Mayer and Brian McKnight to the conversational delivery of Johnny Cash and Snoop Dogg.

Learn, Listen and Play with Larynx EQº, Breathº, Exclamationº, and Talkº


Release the emotional beast hiding within you

with Raspº and Cryº

From the the over-the-top distorted tone of Janis Joplin, to the guttural screams and wails of Chris Cornell, to the Bluesy Raspº of Christina Aguilera

From the heartbreaking moans of Adele, to the squeals of Steven Tyler, to the perfect Cry˚ quality of Pavarotti

Learn, Listen, and Play safely with dangerous sounds, from the sweet flirting with the weird to radically insane and inhuman distortion.


… and this is just a start !

Imagine the endless combinations of Colors˚ in your voice!

✅  It’s time to shine.

✅  Time to get your voice noticed.

✅  Dare to be memorable. 

✅. Time to be you!


What’s Included In The Course

Value Packed Video Tutorials

This course includes dozens of value packed video tutorials exploring the Artistic & Technical challenges of each of the 24 Colors˚ of your voice. These will change the way you approach singing!  

Guided Singing Exercises with Original Music

No boring exercises here!  Explore each Color˚ of your voice, singing along with original music, guided by your coaches. That’s the best way to learn! It’s fun!  It’s practical!  You can measure your progress by yourself. And it gets you out of your head. Understanding stuff is great, but hey, we are musicians! It’s all about music & singing!  

7 Day Challenges for Each Color˚

You wanna go above & beyond? Focusing for a week on a single Color˚ will do that to you!  This will speed up your understanding of a Color˚ like crazy! We packed those 7 Day Challenges with special Assignments, designed to expand your perception. This means you will hear stuff you never heard before! For any musician, this is a gem.  

250+ Singers & 1000+ Songs

Study 250+ singers and how they found their True Voice˚. We created the Singers Coloring Book for you to study Artists who found their unique Colors˚.  

Your ultimate goal should go beyond imitating those singers.  We want you to understand how those 24 Proven Colors˚ of the voice are working together. This will enrich your Palette˚ as an artist and stimulate your own personal exploration. That’s how you find your True Voice˚. Only you can be you! And we already had an Elvis!  

Interactive Program & FB Community

Colors of your Voice is an interactive program. We want to maintain close contact with you and guide you in exploring and finding the True Colors˚ of your voice. That makes us happy!  So, when we created Colors˚, we built in the program as much interactivity as possible. On top of this, we invite you to a closely curated private members-only Facebook Community, totally dedicated to Colors˚. 


Meet Your Coaches

Jaime Vendera & Claude La Roche

Teaching & Coaching was never a side hustle for us! Between the two of us, we clocked more than 50 years of it as a full time job! And we love it. It’s been a major source of inspiration and pleasure. There is nothing as exhilarating as witnessing someone growing, getting stronger in his/her skills and being proud of what they are achieving!  🤟🏻 Kudos to all our students!!!  

Our Mission

  • Providing a transformational experience for artists.
  • Creating engaging real life skill-building training for artists.
  • Developing the best methodology to achieve results!
  • Supporting artists in their goals and skills through personal Coaching.
  • Encouraging creativity and self-expression as a central part of any artistic endeavor.  
  • Committing to a healthy and high quality positive feedback environnement
  • Developing original material only, respecting the creative work of others.  

Who This Course is For

  • Singing is important to you. If you are reading this… It must be! 
  • You truly want to get better! Your actual skill level is not really what matters the most to us. We do not judge singers, we help them achieve what they want. This burning desire you feel in your gut is way more important.  :)
  • You want to go above and beyond pure technique.
  • You understand singing is a form of Art.   
  • You’re willing to experiment with your voice, consider new ideas, put aside some beliefs for a while and learn new stuff.  
  • You understand learning is a process. It is not something that is given to you. You know that new skills do not jump on random people. You‘re willing to commit, trust the process, and invest the time & energy.

Who This Course is NOT For

  • You are more into the intellectual side of music than the actual singing. You want to debate and confront ideas. That’s fine. There is nothing wrong with this, but this program is geared toward building skills in you, as a singer. (Not vocabulary as a commentator) 
  • You do not really like this idea of having a coach. You prefer to figure things out on your own with trial and error. Well…. Don’t!
  • You are on the fence about this… but you are willing to try it as long as you can ask for a refund! Thanks, but no thanks. We are not that kind of shop! It’s not a question of money; it’s about the energy. We are invested in what we do. We prefer to work with people who are too. If you have questions about this program, just ask. We will gladly answer them.  



Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Get Access?

How does lifetime access to the course sound? And it keeps on giving because all upgrades to come are free and will remain free forever.  Period.  You pay once and you’re done. No monthly fees, no costly upgrades.  

I have been trained in speech level singing (SLS). Will Colors of your Voice work for me?

Yes, of course. Colors of your Voice is NOT limited to a specific approach to the voice like SLS, Opera, Full Voice training, etc. And it doesn’t come from a specific genre of music. Quite the contrary. It’s in our philosophy to embrace all genres, all eras and learn from all singers. Our Singers Coloring Book is a testimony to this open approach.  

Do I need to be at a certain level to benefit from this training?

Very interesting question! Let us answer it with another one: Do you need to be perfect technically before you start being an artist?  Obviously not! Your voice is yours to explore! Making sounds is the most primitive way to express yourself. It started with your very first breath!  This program will benefit new singers as well as pro-singers who had years of formal training. 

In fact, many great singers are not that good technically! That’s a big paradox! How can someone be great, and not so good at the same time?   

To understand this paradox, you need to understand what technique does for you… and what it will never do! Technique may turn you into a good singer, but it will NEVER make you RELEVANT as a singer. Great singers are relevant. They touch people. They make them feel something they never felt before. That’s why we love them. 

Technique is important. And we do cover the technical aspects associated with all those Colors˚. But the artistic challenges the 24 Colors˚ are presenting are as important!

Are you available?  Reachable? Without having to pay for private lessons?

Yes we are available to our singers, and in many ways. With this program comes a Private Facebook Group. You can ask questions directly inside the program too!   

As always, the quality of your question dictates the quality of our answer. Sometimes, we have messages like:  How can I sing with Rasp? Unfortunately, this is not specific enough! There is a whole chapter on that. You need to watch the video and do the exercises first! Then, come up with your questions and put them in context. This will get you the answer you need.  :)

We do private coaching session too. 

How long does it take to see noticeable improvements?

If you watch the videos, do the exercises, take the 7 Day Challenges, do the assignments… It won’t be long!  This program and our others programs to come are all thoughtfully designed around building actual skills. 

Colors of your Voice changes the way you listen to music. It changes the way you relate to your own voice. That, alone, will change the way you sing. And people around you will notice!  

Often people ask me (Claude here), How long does it take to become a singer?  I usually answer a lifetime and a half.  This is a joke. Time does not actually matter, as long as you are having fun, improving, remaining motivated and inspired. And that’s what learning does to you. To me, being a singer and a musician is a life-long commitment to learning.  

Is there a Guarantee?

The best guarantee you will ever get with any training program is the real life, honest commitment from the creators to build your skills. If you don’t feel this from a teacher, best advice, don’t buy.  

We do NOT sell “products”, that’s not our mindset. We create rich and deep learning experiences for people to grow. Our commitment is to singers, providing the tools & strategies they need that will make a difference. Our work ethic comes from our 50+ years of professional coaching.     


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